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Community Service



My name is Emily McFarlane, and I am honored to serve as the Vice President of Community Service for the Beta Pi Chapter of Kappa Delta. 


When I was going through recruitment my freshman year, each person I came across in Kappa Delta radiated a sense of passion and commitment towards caring for each other and others in their community. I was drawn to this atmosphere because I knew it would be one that fostered my individual growth. Service is one of the four pillars of the Panhellenic community and in such a short time this was exceedingly evident to me within our chapter. 


Kappa Delta is unique in the Panhellenic community in that we do not limit ourselves to the number of organizations that we support. We have built bonds with organizations that we dedicate consistent service to, and we strive to strengthen these bonds over time. Simultaneously, we try to identify areas of need in our community and provide our efforts to better our campus, community, and world. 


Additional to our community service achievements, Kappa Delta is unique because we host two incredible philanthropy events during a singular year. In doing this, we can maximize our impact on our philanthropic organizations: the Child Advocacy Center of Gainesville and Preventing Child Abuse America. Kappa Delta hosts a dodgeball tournament in the fall and a paintball tournament in the spring. Along with these tournaments, we hold spirit nights at local restaurants and advertise our events on our social media platforms. Our events are immensely successful and we only have hopes of growing in the future. 


Furthermore, we are grateful for the opportunity to live out Kappa Delta’s motto, “Building Confidence. Inspiring Action,” while working with the Girl Scouts of America. We work with the Girl Scouts on an annual cookie sale and plan fun events to help them develop into confident and inspired women who will one day make a difference in the world. 


Besides the service we do as a chapter, I am also extremely proud to talk about the number of women that take their service efforts beyond Kappa Delta. The Beta Pi women go above and beyond by participating in mission trips, volunteering at UF Health Shands, working with Dance Marathon, and so much more. We have taken our service to a higher level, and for most of us, this is only the beginning of our journey to making lasting impacts on the world. 


Without a doubt, the ladies of Kappa Delta have a passion for spreading love and helping others. They give their time, efforts, and focus to many different organizations to make lasting impacts throughout our campus, community, and the world. 


Committed to making a difference, always,


Emily McFarlane 

VP of Community Service 

Beta Pi Chapter of Kappa Delta

Grand Total:

Raised for child abuse prevention 

in the 2022-2023 school year


To learn more about the causes we support, visit our official chapter website or click on the links below:

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