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Mental Health

“I have gone through some of my hardest times while in college and it was my best friends in Kappa Delta that supported and loved me through it all, even when some of them had no idea what I was going through. My friends love me because of the human I am, not for the size of my body or how I look. I am so thankful for their love and support. My advice for people rushing, or if you are someone who struggles even in the slightest bit or knows someone who might, is to reach out for help and be aware of phrases and actions that can be hurtful to others. College can be a difficult transition but please know you have people there to support you. Linked below are some Panhellenic, UF, and national mental health resources!”


- Colleen Donahue MC '19

A note from a member who is a Sister Support Ambassador for Kappa Delta:

“Serving as Sister Support Ambassador for Kappa Delta is truly an honor. Learning different ways to listen to and individually support my sisters alongside other passionate Panhellenic women is both enlightening and inspiring. The women of Kappa Delta tirelessly support me in every academic or personal ambition I choose to take on. Whether I simply have a bad day or need a shoulder to lean on, I feel comfortable confiding in anyone and receiving unconditional love in return. I am so grateful I can give back to such an amazing chapter and repay the endless amount of love I've received.” 


- Madi Holmes MC '21



Sister Support Ambassadors: 



(800) 931-2237


UF Counseling and Wellness Center: 

(352) 392-1575


Student Health Care Specialist: 

Dr. Ann Grooms (352) 392-1161


Body Positive Instagram Accounts:







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