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Our Vision

Kappa Delta Sorority is committed to providing opportunities and experiences that build confidence and inspire women to action 

Mission Statement

Kappa Delta Sorority is a national Organization for women committed to: Inspiring our members to reach their full potential; Preparing our members for community service, active leadership and responsible citizenship: Creating opportunities for lifetime involvement through innovative and responsive programs, and strategic collaborations and partnerships; and fostering the development of our time-honored values within the context of friendship

Kappa Delta Purpose

The Purpose of Kappa delta sorority is to promote true friendship among the college girls of our country by including into their hearts and lives those principles of truth, of honor, of duty, without which there can be no true freindship

Kappa Delta object

The object of kappa Delta sorority is the formation and perpetuation of good fellowship, friendship and sisterly love among its members; the encouragement of literature and education; the promotion of social interest; and the furtherance of charitable and benevolent purposes. 

Our Creed

May We, Sisters in Kappa Delta, strive each day to seek more earnestly the honorable and beautiful things. May we each day through love of those within our circle, learn to know and understand better those without our circle. May the diamond shield that guards our love find us each day truer, wiser, more faithful, more loving, and more noble. 

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