Our Council


Emmy Iannone

Hi, everyone! My name is Emmy Iannone and I have the honor of serving as chapter president of Kappa Delta at the University of Florida. Through this role, I have the privilege of serving the 270 women who have taught me to be a better friend, leader, and person. I am originally from Saint Augustine, Florida and have spent the last three years in Gainesville while pursuing a degree in elementary education here at UF. Outside of my involvement in Kappa Delta, I am a student senator representing the College of Education in the UF Student Senate, as well as a director of Homecoming and Gator Growl. In my free time each summer, I serve as the head swim coach of a team of 130 young swimmers in my hometown. During my term as president of Beta Pi Chapter I will strive to serve the women who inspire me in a way which reflects our motto of being honorable, beautiful and highest. I am forever indebted to this place for the most genuine friendships, important lessons, and confidence as a leader that it has brought me. I am no where near the first person who has been transformed by their membership experience in Kappa Delta, and I can assure you that I will not be the last. AOT

Vice president of new member education

Charlotte Holman

Hi! My name is Charlotte Holman, and I am from Tampa. Right now, I’m a Sophomore studying Finance and History on the Pre-Law track. This semester, I’m loving getting to plan events for PC’20 and I love watching them get to know each other more. I’m also already working on Bid Day with my Sisterhood Enrichment Team and there are so many things I’m looking forward to next year! When I’m not studying at the house, I love reading, walking and working out, and getting coffee with friends.

Vice president of Membership

Grace McCarey

My name is Grace McCarey and I am so excited to serve as Beta Pi’s VP Membership! I was born and raised a gator in Orlando, Florida. On a Fall Saturday you can find me in the Swamp cheering on the Orange & Blue, followed by breakfast on Sunday with my six best friends. Any other day I’d prefer to spend on a beach with a good book! As VP Membership, my main role is to support our amazing sisterhood by planning events for members throughout each semester and acting as our Formal Recruitment Chair. My two goals while serving on the Executive Board are to help create lasting memories for my sisters and to bring in the best pledge class yet!

Vice president of Operations

Maddie Bianchi

Hi, everyone, my name is Maddie Bianchi. I am a second-year Political Science major originally from Miami, Florida, but my family now resides in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. I hope to pursue a career in politics, whether that may be for a nonprofit or government organization. Aside from serving as the Vice President of Operations for Beta Pi, I am involved in Dance Marathon at The University of Florida as a Fundraising & Organization Development Captain and SGA as an Administrative Affairs Director. In my free time, you can find me at Orange Theory or spending time with my sisters at KD. While serving on council, I hope to develop a system where members can network with past and present Beta Pi’s to provide academic and professional opportunities.

Vice president of Community Service

Emily McFarlane

Hi! My name is Emily McFarlane and I am from San Diego, California. I am serving as Vice President of Community Service. This position entails supporting our national philanthropies through raising money and supporting the Gainesville community through service. Outside of Kappa Delta, I am majoring in Biology and minoring in Art History on a Pre-Health track. I volunteer at UF Health in the pharmacy department and I am a member of the Pre Health Service Organization. In my free time I love going to Luke’s New York Bagels with my friends and going on walks around campus. My main goals as Vice President of Community Service are to further our relationship with local Girl Scout troops and to engage our chapter through new service opportunities.

Vice president of Public Relations

Jillian Davis

Hi! My name is Jillian Davis and I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I serve as the Vice President of Public Relations for the Beta Pi chapter of Kappa Delta. In this position, I have the responsibility to develop and manage all of the social media accounts linked to our chapter. In addition, I have the opportunity to liaison and communicate with our amazing alumni to keep them connected to Kappa Delta. Outside of Kappa Delta, I am pursuing a double major in Marketing and Sport Management. In my free time I work for the University Athletic Association and am a Blue Shirt Marketing volunteer for the University. I really enjoy taking and editing pictures and hope that I can use my skills and passion in this area to capture all of the amazing moments in the lives of my Kappa Delta sisters.

Vice president of Standards

Dalton Judge

 Hi my name is Dalton Judge. I’m from Sarasota, Florida, and am a Construction Management major. I am currently the VP Standards for UF Kappa Delta. I love to find and listen to new music, play sports, and spend time with my friends.


Macy Laegeler

 Hi my name is Macy Laegeler and I am from Orlando, FL. As Secretary, my roles are to maintain and increase morale of the chapter while ensuring that it runs smoothly. I will do this by keeping track of the rosters, attendance, and other administrative tasks. Outside of Kappa Delta, I am on the executive board for Doulos which is a campus christian ministry for greek students and their goal is to love God, share Christ, and make disciples. In addition, I am a launch team manager for the published author and podcast host Grace Valentine. In my free time I enjoy time with my friends and family, playing volleyball, playing tennis, surfing, wake surfing, and playing with my dogs. I also really enjoy any kind of creative outlet whether that be writing or painting or designing. My overall goal for serving on council this year is to bring a new era of encouragement and positivity to our chapter in order to bring our sisters closer together and strengthen the already established bonds of friendship! Something on my bucket list is swimming with whale sharks. 

Vice President of Finance

Jordan Gregg

Hi, I am Jordan Gregg and I am from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. I am the Vice President of Finance. I work to oversee all chapter finances, create budgets for the chapter, collect and delegate money, and assist members in anyway possible. Outside of Kappa Delta I am a Younglife leader at Gainesville High School where I get to disciple and walk alongside the youth of Gainesville through their high school experience. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, going to the beach, boating, hiking, anything outdoors or any adventure my friends offer up. I love going on road trips and am currently 6 license plates away from having all the states. My goal serving on council this term is to have complete financial transparency with our members especially during the pandemic. As well in serving on council I hope to fuel a desire on our members to get involved in the chapter the same way previous councils instilled this desire in me. 

Panhellenic Delegate

Tori Fischer

Hi! My name is Tori Fischer, and I am a third year nursing student from Merritt Island, Florida. This year, I am beyond honored to serve on council as Panhellenic Delegate. My position entails being the ambassador for Kappa Delta within the Panhellenic Community, attending meetings and planning paired events with other chapters. Outside of our chapter, I am a part of the Student Nurses Association and Doulos on campus, and have served as Recruitment Counselor during Virtual Formal Recruitment 2020. When I’m not at the house, you can find me playing tennis, going on long walks with my friends, and driving with the windows down listening to BOOTS by Hardy. Since my freshman year, this chapter has provided me with the sweetest friendships that continue to uplift and encourage me to be the very best version of myself. It is my goal as Panhellenic Delegate to encourage the same involvement within our chapter and the Panhellenic Community as a whole, that every individual would feel the same sense of passion and confidence in who they are, and who they are continually growing to be. All my love in AOT.

2020-2021 Appointed  Officers

Fall Fundraising 

Alexis Waltzer, Katerina Jakesova


Camille Consolo, Lulu Mooney

House Manager

Emma Theus


 Gabby Butler


(Spring Philanthropy)

Katie Hellman

Girl Scouts

Aliyah Formont, Isabella Ann Carvalho


Elise Bell

Public Relations

Kathrine York, Camryn Locascio, Kate Bansmer, Isabel Crist, Courtney Mai


Aubrey Tanner



LeeAnne Hackett,  Elise Bell


Anna Pizza, Liz Biro


Emily Klingenberg


Carson Young

Alumnae Relations

Hayley Champion, Jacs Hahn

DE&I Committee

 Allison Proulx, Hannah Kim, Melanie Hernandez, Kaela Albury


Merrill Garlington 

Football Block Chair

Amanda LaPadura, Natalie Saliwanchik, Gabrielle Davis


Alli Schwartz, Jenna Kosko, Bailey Floyd


Lindsey Winzeler

Community Service

 Katelyn Meister, Maddy Whelan, Alexa Farmer, Alexa Nelson


Isabel Crist


Delaney Crandall


Isa Fernandez

Art Director

 Darby Graves & Lexi Phillips

T-Shirt Chair

Mia Fisher, Marlie Cakans, Halle Silver


Annabelle Groux

Social External

Sophie Miller, Kennedy Reed


Academic Excellence

Taylor Thomson


Caroline Crist

Morale Chair

Arianne Piloto, Colleen Donahue, Mccarron Evans, Juju Paymayesh, Kshama Shetty, Carlee Hontz

Photoshop Chair

Camryn Locascio, Annalee Kiliddjian 

Social Internal 

Bella Weinstein, Leanne Hackett