Shamrock 2018

We’re reminiscing on our philanthropic events this past semester and couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity we have to make a difference in the community. This past April we held our annual Spring philanthropy, Shamrock. Shamrock is a paintball tournament that raises money to benefit Prevent Child Abuse America and the Child Advocacy Center. We also held our annual KD Cookout to raise money and prepare for the competition.

We’re thrilled to announce the events raised $17,000 towards child abuse prevention efforts. Improving the lives of children and ensuring they experience a happy childhood is something close to our hearts. We continue to feel inspired by the strong and resilient children.

Thank you to everyone that donated and came out to our event to make this possible! We’re excited and already preparing for our future philanthropies. We hope to see you next year!

#Service #Shamrock #PCAA #Philanthropy

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