Big / Little Reveal 2017

We have loved getting to know all of our new PC17’s the past month. On September 24th we did our annual big little reveal after gifting our new members all week. This is so special to Kappa Delta because these relationships become one of the most memorable and rewarding. All of our families came up with themes that represent who they are and their different personalities.

Here is just a taste of our amazing day and creative themes:

From Left to Right: Serena Sakkal, Zoe Wolfe, Megan Shulmister, Lexi Sidle, Sammi Singer, Lydia McCurdy

From Left to Right: MV Kline, Genevieve Horton, Thalia Rey, Sofia Zacarias

From Left to Right: Claire Boudreau, Amanda Rosenburg, Anna Col, Michelle Agee

From Left to Right: Back row -- Leah Gorshein, Katy Feldner, Katie Lahey, Kendall Joseph, Ellen Overby Front row -- Riley McCoy, Gabi McFall, Lexie Atlas, Colleen Maher

From Left to Right: Claire Johnson, Taylar Herman, Maddie Wise

From Left to Right: Kianna Robinson, Greta Carter, Adrienne Gingrich

From Left to Right: Haleigh Singer, Julia O’Connor, Sophie Forte, Caroline Lee

From Left to Right: Molly Lightman, Brooke Engel, Chloe Burgess

From Left to Right: Juliana Bermingham, Julia Cousineau

Can’t wait to make so many more memories with our new families!!

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