Where in the World is KD?

Where in the world is UF Kappa Delta??

Spring break trips are always something we look forward to no matter how it’s spent. Many girls head south to get the warm weather and salty seas, while some catch a flight up north to live the city life in NYC. No matter how it’s spent our spring break trips are nothing short of amazing adventures and memories.

Some caught a boat to Bimini and enjoyed the blue skies and waters--

PC’ 16: Aliya Nhaisi, Alex Smith and Julia Cousineau

A few headed out West to see the beautiful sights that our country has to offer.

PC' 15: Laura Pinheiro

Adventures up North are also a very popular choice to get some cool weather and experience the fast city life of NYC.

PC’ 15: Lexi Leitman and Rachel Porter

Traveling outside of the country is another popular choice because of the diversity that new cultures bring, Cassie Spinner PC’ 15, explored Spain and Portugal with her spring break.

PC’ 15: Cassie Spinner

Traveling to Peru to serve was the highlight for Savannah Harding because of the new experiences, views and ability to live selflessly.

PC’ 15: Savannah Harding

Haiti is last, but not least, on the list of destinations for our ladies. Julia Alligood PC'16 was such a light this past week when serving others on her mission trip.

Julia Alligood PC' 16

Can’t wait to see what memories and adventures this summer and spring break 2017 will bring us!! Stay tuned!!

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